More about MzansiGas

MzansiGas is a gas order and delivery service in the cloud. We are focused on the Gauteng home gas user and we are 100% independent of the global multinational oil giants. We are the craft beer of the gas industry. We have made on line ordering as simple as possible and no simpler. Both web and app interfaces are available. We took our first order way way back on Sept. 14, 2012 and have been going from strength to strength since then.
We've processed over 10,000 orders for you guys and we have over 6,000 humans registered on our site. The only stuff you can buy on the MzansiGas site is gas, and gas bottles. That's it and then only 3 sizes 9, 19, 48. We purposefully keep it as simple as possible. Pick a bottle size, choose how many empties you have and select a delivery option and the system does the rest. Drop some cash and we contact you to arrange the nitty gritty details of the delivery.
Both the web and app interfaces are functionally the same. Service and Tech are the two tools we use in our quest to redefine the home gas market. We aim to deliver outstanding service and we use technology to reduce inertia and add convenience. We believe that any business that gets service and convenience right will succeed.