More about Liezl Bothma Physiotherapy

Liezl started her physiotherapy practice in April 2008. But the story started long before that. She knew in primary school that she was going to be a physiotherapist although she did not fully understand the calling on hery life, but was totally compelled to follow it. She graduated as a physiotherapist in 2000, and was employed for 7 years. She was not unhappy, but knew she needed to go on her own. She wanted to provide the service that she felt drawn to for so long. Her practice consists of only her. She wants to give my patients the totally invested individual treatment and undivided attention they deserve.
As her practice evolved, she realised that my true passion is in helping people in pain. From a scholar carrying a heavy bookcase, a young dancer, the corporate sitting in front of the computer for hours to the elderly having pain and problems with mobility. She will even travel to them where possible and when circumstance prevents them from getting to her.