More about Beyond Ability Talent Solutions

The company was initially started in 2009 but closed and reopened in 2013. Beyond Ability Talent Solutions specialise with the recruitment and placement of persons with disabilities into formal employment. They have established national strategic partnerships with key disability matter organisations and designated employers in all South African provinces allowing them to comfortably service all nine South African provinces. Their services include employment equity reporting learnership management referral services and a resource centre for people with disabilities, career management, mapping and pathing services to career seekers with disabilities, client consulting services on job design for people with disabilities, sensitivity and diversity training. The company is currently formalising and building up their database of entrepreneurs with disabilities to ensure that they are exposed to enterprise and supplier development programs. The objectives of the company include ensuring that career seekers with disabilities are gainfully employed at all levels in hierarchies of organisations through recruitment and placement of persons with disabilities in various economic opportunities like graduate programs, learnerships and permanent employment.