More about ICE ID

ICE ID is a family company established in 2007.They supply medical and emergency identification products to customers. ICE ID is dedicated to the idea that any person young or old, if they have a medical condition they should wear an In Case of Emergency bracelet, necklace or/and ankle band. In the case of older school children who attend school camps where accidents could happen, ICE ID enables the caregivers in the case of an emergency to be able to contact the parents and the medical aid. ICE ID products are purchased online and the products are delivered to the customer within five to six days. ICE ID has partnered with charities such as Qhubeka and CHOC. They are also sponsors of ICE ID bands to the Diepsloot Mountain Bike Academy. Their vision is to ensure that as many people as possible understand the importance of wearing a form of identification and their mission is that no person should have to suffer unduly due to the lack of mission critical information at the very time needed most.