More about Five Star Sky

Five Star Sky was founded in 2014. The business tackles rural youth unemployment and the under-utilisation of astronomy as an asset. With the help of the Johannesburg Planetarium and Activate, Five Star Sky launched its first school astronomy club at Dendron High School in Limpopo in April. The club, which has its own telescope and comprehensive reference material on the subject, has approximately fifty learners who serve as astronomy promoters in their school and their community. The company is currently running astronomy Schools Clubs; the aim of this project is to create astronomy clubs throughout the country, with the hope of inspiring future South African Astronomers and Astronauts. The other project that the business runs is a million Telescope views, this project is aimed at growing astronomy loving South Africans, they are hoping to get a million people to look through a telescope and also hope to make them fall in love with astronomy when they see a planet or the moon in real time with their eyes not from a text book.