More about Renergy Business Solutions - DISQUALIFIED

The company opened doors on the 1st of March 2015. Renergy cater for everyone, from private individuals looking for something small to help and assist them through load shedding periods whilst at home all the way up to the larger corporates looking for a stable permanent solution to back up their power as well as offer protection to their entire hardware environment. Renergy Business Solutions offers a wide range of alternative power supplies which includes: Inverters, Battery backup solutions, Generators, Solar power, Wind power, Surge and lightening protection. Their objectives include supplying a good product with exceptional service, to help grow the economy within South Africa by creating jobs, creating a more reliable power supply or source allowing South Africa to grow without unnecessary restrictions and branch out into the rest of Africa offering the same service and solutions. Their goal is to help minimise downtime to the economy in terms of power outages and they are still busy with a project based directly towards improving the road and transport system in South Africa.