More about Getting A Deal

Getting A Deal is an Online Retail Store that deals in branded Electronic Products, focused on saving the customers money, convenience and their time. The company was established in October 2013, but officially started trading on the 1st of March 2014.Getting A Deal caters for everyone and anyone who has either an internet or telephone connection. Getting a Deal attracts the modern consumer who is technologically savvy and well researched in the product they are seeking to purchase. Getting A Deal strives to not only deliver customers with the best quality products at the most competitive prices in the market but also to go above and beyond to satisfy their customers’ needs. Getting A Deal’s model is built and survives on a series of projects. Each element of the business is designed and caters to small business and individuals, to help and develop the community at large. The main objective of Getting A Deal is to dominate online retail for household products in Africa, providing the best products at the cheapest prices.