More about The Piano Man

The Piano man started out with Raymond Cugnolio arriving in Pretoria with his two toolboxes and a dream. It was initially a one man business with him as sole proprietor and he has since grown and in October 2013 registered as a (Pty) Ltd company.
He views, and this is the company’s ethos, pianos as more than just an instrument but rather as member of a family – many pianos have been in families for generations and have drawn family members together through the music that they make.
The Piano Man cares about pianos and take care to revive and maintain pianos to a state where they can bring out the gift of music with the tonal quality of the piano in its original form. The company can help people find a suitable piano and prepare it to such a state to ensure that the pianist and someone with a dream of making music can pursue their talents on a piano that would do it justice.
The Piano Man offers a range of services including piano tuning, repairs, restorations, valuations, and transportation of pianos.
The company currently employs three piano tuners and restorers, three workshop assistance under apprenticeship of Raymond and an administrative assistant.
Raymond and his team have been in the piano business for over 20 years and have a satisfied client base of over 1000, including schools, colleges, theatres, universities and churches. We do the technical support for Kawai and Yamaha in Pretoria.
Director Raymond Cugnolio is a member of the South African Association of Professional Piano Tuners, and the American Piano Technicians Guild.
His vision is to bring joy to the homes of people by caring for their pianos ensuring that they not only get the best from their pianos but also instilling a passion for their pianos in them and guide them on how to look after and care for their pianos. His further vision is to train people in the specialised craft, and art, of tuning and restoring pianos and instil the same love for the craft in them as he has. He currently has three young people from disadvantaged communities under his tutelage.