More about Brantam Financial Services

Brantam was set up in September 1987 essentially as a financial services practice catering to the average man in the street. This is still what they do; the difference being that today they are more niched and have more sophisticated products. The company manages their clients’ money through their own unit trusts and having started out with zero funds in 1987, they now manage roughly R1, 8 billion on behalf of their clients.

Their goal has been to really know and understand their clients and provide them with the sort of service they themselves would like to receive from an investment house. No one wants to be just a number having to speak to some call center agent. After all, in a lot of cases the company deals with people's life savings and they really require stability and peace of mind when it comes to their investments.

“We've obviously done something right as we're now onto our third generation clients, in other words we handled the grandfathers retirement 20 years ago, he then referred his son/ daughter to us and they're now referring their kids who are just starting out to us,” says MD Derek Sumption.

They have started the process of hiring the next generation to take over so that the clients and their offspring will continue to receive the same level of service that’s been delivered for the past 27 years.