More about Rent-a-Student

Established in 2008, Rent-a-Student secures casual and part-time jobs throughout term time and during the holiday periods for students over 16. The company has several long term corporate clients and lists the latest student jobs, temporary jobs, internships and graduate jobs daily. They are a proudly South African company and with no cost to the students, which ensures that they can secure the best terms for students.
Rent-a-Student offer a range of jobs opportunities encompassing many categories from Accounting to Tutoring and everything in between. We specialize in placing student with large retail organizations and help facilitate campaigns for event and promotion companies. All jobs are vetted prior to being offered to students for security purposes and all students are required to register with their resume and recent photograph before they are placed.
Since January 2013 they have focused on building student numbers and now have over 37,000 facebook followers approximately half of whom are registered with them. The company currently posts approximately 20 vacancies per day.
Half of all jobs placed are direct from their own contacts and repeat employers, about 20% are employers placing requests themselves via our website, the remainder are jobs they search for and promote via Recently they have placed students at a fashion magazine, several large high street retailers, several large food distributors, taste testers, event and promotions companies, pilot marketing campaigns and stock takers. Work is generally 2-3 days per job and average student pay is R50 per hour.