More about Almost U Prosthetics

I am a qualified Prosthetist that specialises in the fitting of Breast Prosthesis and Post-mastectomy bra’s.
Working with post-mastectomy cancer patients has endless rewards!
I have patients that come to the shop, fearful of their future, all the treatments, the chemotherapy, the radiation therapy. These poor post mastectomy patients feel like “walking science experiments”, they have ports sewn in their chests for chemo, their hair is thinning and they have little or no control of their treatment plans. I try to make the prosthesis fitting an empowering experience.
For the patients, taking control of ones appearance with breast prosthesis, makes them feel in control and gives them a feeling of hope! All that these post-mastectomy patients have is HOPE! Hope that it all will be over soon. Hope that they will be healthy soon. The fact is “life” goes on around you when you have chemo-therapy! The patients still need to go to work, they still have to go grocery shopping. The breast prosthesis and bras, gives the self-confidence and makes them feel normal, because they appear normal. With thinning hair and bags under their eyes, the still have to stand in the long lines at the supermarket. You never realise how much your breasts mean to you as a woman, until the day you lose one or even both to cancer. The Breast Prosthesis and bras are normally seen as luxury items by the medical aids.
Medical aids sometimes place ridiculous limits on the payment of these items. I fight for my patients, every medical aid should and will pay for the items after I have motivated for them. There is no price a medical aid can place on a patient’s treatment, but they do! They limit funds, they argue and say breast prosthesis and bras are purely for aesthetics
If a post-mastectomy patient does not wear prosthesis, she has a chance of developing scoliosis due to the weight instability in her trunk. There are a lot of reasons why I fight so hard for my patients.
They are fighting cancer! I will do my best for them, and I will fight for them with the medical aids.
Honestly just thinking that a patient deemed my service good enough for this nomination, is humbling. But I do this for my patients, they need someone along their cancer-recovery-road to brighten their day! Even if it’s with silicone boobies and a sexy bra. After all, we are all girls, and deep down… we are all