More about RoofRats

It all started on a Sunday afternoon. With the promise of a few beers afterwards, and to get the nagging wife off my back, I agreed to hang up the blind that she had purchased for the bathroom. So armed with drill, blind and necessary accessories, I set off down the passage to do “my task”. The first hole was not too much of an issue, but the second hole took some doing. Porcelain tiles do take their toll on the drill bits and after having used 3 already – I decided to put my back into – literally! Needless to say with all the pressure, the tile lifted off the wall and went crashing to the floor, along with the two tiles above it, and the one under the cornice. To my utter horror, the tiles were swiftly followed with an avalanche of rat, bat and bird poo and a cloud of dust. I stood there in shock, staring at the pile on the floor, and trying to conjure up a “please explain” for the wife. I took the trusty vacuum cleaner and started to clean up the mess in the bathroom. I then grabbed our gardener and we both disappeared into the roof to vacuum up where the tiles had slipped down so that we could put new tiles behind the cornice. The penny then dropped! If our house was not that old and we had that much rubbish in our roof, then what does the average 25 year old house has? The next two days were spent living in the roof with the gardener and vacuum cleaner – cleaning up the nests, old wires, plumbers fittings, bat droppings, rat poo and bird trophies. We took out over 18kgs of rubbish out of our roof – along with a new business plan. Being the entrepreneur that I am, my wife went along with this “new business” of mine and just supported me with the occasional gentle smile and pat on the hand. However - we noticed a big change in the family’s health. Our daughter, who had over 6 anti-biotics that year alone, had suddenly stopped coughing and spluttering. The wife’s post nasal drip had cleared up – and she suffered no more sinus. In hindsight, it was after all logical, that we were breathing in years of dust, powered droppings and poo, and this was just making us all sick. So I started a web page (another company I have), logged a Facebook page, took out some small advertising and was good to go! I landed my first order shortly thereafter and was terrified of the monster that I had unleashed. I put that job off for a few weeks whilst I trained the gardener in safety issues; researched industrial vacuum cleaners, and then bought one; researched the various diseases rats, bats and birds can give you, so I could be knowledgeable in-front of the client as well; and general got my nerves under control. On the 6 June 2011 - the day finally dawned and the gardener, vacuum cleaner and I set off in my old Landrover – it was a huge success and better still, I was paid on the day! I knew that this was going to work. And that is how it all started. We have cleaned residences, corporate offices, factories and warehouses. We have hung off the sides of buildings, and squeezed through super small spaces. We have caught rats, chased bats and relocated birds. We have put our foot through a few ceiling boards, tripped some lights, disconnected some geysers and cracked a few roof tiles – but that is how we learnt to do what we do, so well. We now have 3 people in the office, an outsourced accountant who just shakes her head when she sees our antics. A dedicated following on Facebook :- we post editorial along with pictures and jokes to keep this rather disgusting subject light hearted. A team of “worker rats”, who take pride in what they do – and are good at it too. We have an agent in Durban – our Zulu Rat along with his team trained by us, an agent in Cape Town – our Pi-Rat, and are in discussions with our Harbour Rat (PE) and our Mielie Rat (Free State)...... and no doubt it our story will continue.