More about Geral McGowan Design Group

Geral McGowan Design Group was started in January 2009 by Peter McGowan and Rayell Geral who have worked in the industry for a number of years. The Geral McGowan Design Group is a partnership of ideas and insight, creativity and calculation, an eye for design and a head for business. We bring this balanced left brain-right brain approach to every project we undertake.
Creative Director, Rayell Geral is the brains behind the design. Business Development Director, Peter McGowan is the brains behind ... well, the business. Both have over 11 years’ experience in the graphic design industry. Our complementary styles and combination of passion and purpose is the foundation of our success. After working in the industry for many years, we saw a gap in the market to deliver creative work to accommodate client’s tight deadlines. Clients see the value in us being able to ‘pull a rabbit out of the hat’ and turn around a design project in a very short time without compromising on the execution. There is a perception in the market that creativity takes time – although sometimes this is valid our strength is that we can deliver creative solutions in realistic turn-around times.