More about X-Stream Balance (PTY) Ltd

X-Stream Balance was founded in 2012 by Chris Van Der Merwe through his Love and passion for BMX Racing, which has seen a sharp decline in participation over past years. STRIDER Bikes™ have been introduced as a solution in order to improve the sport and allow for positive growth by bringing back the fun in riding a bike as well as setting a good basic skill foundation. The product’s supplied are intended for children from 18 Months old (sometimes younger) and up to 10 years old. The bikes allow for a great introduction to the world on two wheels, making available opportunities and experiences to the STRIDER Riders which allow for growth and progression, building great confidence. Products cater for advanced bike skill building as well as for children who have physical limitations, disabilities or have low muscle tone.
Events offered include STRIDER Adventure Zone® which are made freely available at various venues, which we support and are invited to. The Adventure Zone offer an initial introduction to the STRIDER Bikes and exciting terrain. STRIDER Racing® is made available to riders wishing to get involved, allowing for a fun, personalized bike riding experience. Products are available through dealers or online for delivery throughout South Africa within 3-5 days.