More about Le Pawtique

Le Pawtique was formed two years ago by Michelle Roniak, who describes herself and her team as a bunch of young, dynamic, crazy, animal loving people whose aim is to bring their clients a world of doggie crazed products, tips, news, events, and places to go and people to meet. Michelle, dog extraordinaire and owner of the spa achieved her groomers’ qualification from the Professional Academy of Dog Groomers. All the staff at Le Pawtique are trained on an on-going basis to ensure the best and most fashionable styling and to constantly improve their animal handling approach. Le Pawtique spa has over the past two years used the best equipment and all-natural product. They run their spa just as any human beauty salon would, with each pet being scheduled in for a specific time slot so that minimal time is spent in the cages, thus minimising disruption and unsettling of any of their other furry guests. There is a wide range of dog food, fashion and accessories all to both the owner and the animal’s delight. Le Pawtique is fully supervised at all times and it is company policy that under no circumstances do they force an animal into submission or administer a tranquilizer should they not be comfortable with the grooming process.