More about Let There Be Light

Eight years ago a friend suggested Cedric try Richard for out for an electrical job. Cedric wanted to help Richard as he learnt that he did not own his own transport and used the local taxi system to move between various sites that he worked on, carrying all his tools in a 'hiking-type back-pack' looking very much like a tourist on a back-packers visit,. Cedric and his wife will never forget their first meeting with Richard. Having agreed to start on the Monday morning, they were still asleep when their buzzer rang at 06:30. Richard, having travelled from Lenasia (using public transport) was ready to work at 06:30, much to Cedrics’ wife's fury. Richard is devoted to offering good, reliable service in the Greater Johannesburg area at a very reasonable rate. He makes a point of always keeping his appointments in spite of the fact that he uses public transport, principally mini-bus taxis. His services include repairs, replacement and upgrades of existing electrical installations and large appliances.