More about Pressed in Time

James took his clothes to his regular laundry one day to find them full and unable to accommodate. He decided to try the ‘new guys' in the area – Pressed In Time. He left his laundry with them and when he returned to collect the clothes, he not only found the clothes done to perfection but was also shocked to find that they had found some money and two papers which had information on that he needed. James found the gesture of keeping R140.00 and returning it to him very impressive. Their honesty is commendable and admirable and needless to say his entire family will patronize Pressed in Time for many years to come. Instead of being employed, George has found it imperative to control his own destiny. The motivating factor for him is the knowledge he has been able to gain and the fact that he is now creating empowerment and opportunities for others. Many of George’s staff were previously unemployed and are now growing with him and his business. Having joined Pressed in Time, he has already opened his 2nd store and is currently looking for his third. All within 20 months! Pressed in Time provide a high level of service that is equally economical. This is also the case with the Dry Cleaning, Alterations & Shoe Repair services that we render.