More about The Loaf

Alain Algrain was looking for "old fashioned" bread just like grandma used to make but could only find stodgy commercially made breads - being yeast intolerant added to the challenge. He soon decided that the only way he was going to find the bread he liked was to make it himself. Using only organic or natural flour, crystal salt and purified water he began to make his own sour dough bread in a wood burning oven. Initially he only made yeast free white bread but now does a variety that includes wholewheat, 2 different rye breads and olive & onion bread. He now employs 2 people full time and is in the process of installing another wood-burning oven to cope with the demand for his bread. Julie started eating Alain's bread when she became very sensitive to commercial bread. Since making the change she has had no more stomach problems. Alain’s bread is sold at a good price considering he doesn't have the economies of scale that bigger bakers have.