More about Anka's Kitchen

Anka’s Kitchen aims to be the foremost exquisite and exotic food authority in the East. Anka’s Kitchen prides itself in the quality of its food, prepared under the strictest quality control, cleanest and hygienic environment. Anke’s Kitchen has eleven years of experience in the food and catering industry and brought about the ‘Mastery of the Art’ of food preparation in all kinds of spheres it puts its mind to. Anka’s Kitchen currently employs 12 people, of which 9 are employed on a full time basis. Most of its staff has been in the business for the past eleven years and have reached the level of excellence in food preparation and serving. Anka’s Kitchen prepares exotic South African cuisines such as tripe, Cornish chicken, lamb trotters, and a variety of beef, lamb and chicken curries and stews.