More about Tshidullo African Day Spa

Tshidullo African Day Spa came into existence after Pheladi’s mother received a spa treatment for her 50th birthday and took her along in 2005. Pheladi immediately saw an opportunity to help people and provide a service that she thought she could deliver and more importantly at a consistently high level. After interacting with a few therapists Pheladi decided to go ahead and put her plan into action. In 2008 she decided she would go to clients’ homes because she couldn’t afford property to house a spa. Tshidullo African Day Spa has grown over the years and has landed contracts with some corporate companies. Tshidullo African Day Spa offers a holistic package covering a range of massages, nail treatments and basic facials. Tshidullo African Day Spa has a team of nine employees made up of eight therapists and one nail technician. Tshidullo African Day Spa goes to your home with everything your booking requires, such as massage beds, gowns, towels, oils, slippers, soothing music etc. Tshidullo African Day Spa strives to make each booking a unique and personal experience for each of its clients.