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It’s easy to come up with ideas… it’s the implementation of those ideas that makes a business great. That’s why we admire small businesses that leave a great and lasting impression. If you’ve experienced great service from a small business in your area, tell us about them.

If you are looking for a credible business, browse through our archive of previous finalists from the past few years.

The Small Business Awards with 702 and Sage One – Small Business, Big Rewards.

'Childcare on wheels' wins 2015 Small Business Award

702's John Robbie spoke to the 2015 Small Business Award winner, Tiffini Wissing, who is the owner of Old School Cool childcare and transportation services.

Feel fabulous, look good, choose 'Just Tonight Josephine'

Elizabeth Trollope has nominated ‘Just Tonight Josephine’ for the 702 & Sage One Small Business Awards.

Client raves about new clinic's luxurious, yet cost-effective, skin care

John Robbie speaks to Portia Nxhlanga of Bio-Techniques Skincare Clinic about her Small Business Award nomination.

Is this the best guesthouse in Sandton?

702 listener Caanita Wadvalla, blown away by by Claires of Sandton guesthouse, nominated it for a Sage One Small Business Award.

This signage/printing company provides way more than you pay for - 702 listener

702 listener Nicky Mogorosi says Sakiprint blew her mind with service that included a lot of extra work at no additional cost.

Let Lilac Design help you with branding/marketing so your business can grow

Lilac Design Studio helps small to medium sized companies grow and expand their business with branding and marketing.

Renovating? These guys are tidy, fast and take great pride in their work

Homeowner and 702 listener Fiona Manoim is utterly satisfied and has nothing but praise for home renovators SVLS Tiling.

Overworked parent? Old School Cool will safely drive your kids around

It's new, safe cars have cameras inside while its drivers will even sing along with their excited passengers!

Collinge and Co treats customers with compassion in their darkest hour

702 listener Marian, who lost her mother, praises the compassionate, professional service she received from this funeral director.

Whether fitting irrigation or fixing cables; great service that saves you money

Time after time, this 702 listener got great service from Bayley’s Enterprise, whether fitting irrigation or fixing cables.

Sage One is a simple and secure online accounting and payroll solution for small, growing businesses on the move. Designed for ease of use, you don’t need to be an accountant to use it - it’s just a simple way to get things done and support the growth of your business. And because it’s online your data is always secure. No back-ups needed, plus our password encryption is state-of-the-art.

With its intuitive interface, Sage One really does make running your business a breeze. But if you do need a helping hand, simply give our support team a call or send them an e-mail and we’ll help you for free.

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